President Voice

Microbiology and Molecular Biology Research Association(MiMRA) is established in 2013 and registered in Kathmandu Under the Organization Registration Act of Government of Nepal.The main objective of this organization is to develop an environment in which we can do extensive research on the field of Microbiology and Molecular Biology. In the current situation of Nepal, one cannot conduct research on the above field without going through multiple obstacles. Along with the research project the organization is committed to the aware public on various issues. As a saying goes" A country is nothing without its Countryman'" and we wholeheartedly follow the same principle.If we can teach these people and educate them, then there will be fewer deaths.

Furthermore, We also organize multiple workshops and seminars and strive to motivate young scientists from all around the country.   

Unlike many NGOs out there, we have collaborated with various governmental bodies such as NAST, RECAST, T.U, etc, and hosted multiple seminars and workshops.

Our members are young and ambitious, students, who want to achieve something far greater.We are radically utilizing this resources and moving towards the better future together. I really believe that we can achieve something great if we work together.We strive to make this world a better place.

As a president, I appreciate all the support we are getting from people like you.Our support is not only limited to getting funds but you creating a better environment for people like us. I hope you will keep on giving your immense support for many years to come.